Webtask for Development use only?


Bob over at the slack channel says that webtask if for non production use due to its soft limit of 1 request per second. With the recent sunset of extend, and no offering of a pro version what does one do when they want to move forward with faas? Do we switch to aws lambda? I like webtask.io easy to yes, no hassle faas that doens’t have a cold start, but I worry that the service might get taken away as well. If their is a roadmap for the future of webtask? .



Just want to add that I too is wondering about this particular issue.

Is a more production friendly version on the road map? or should we instead look towards AWS lambda for those use cases?


I dont mind the lack of support since webtask is essentially free, but sadly the community support is weak as well, perhaps not many users? Our company is a paid subscriber of auth0 services, but we are looking for a more cohesive strategy, with good community support as well as support for paying subscribers. hence we are now investigation using okta and or other faas such as : azure functions, netlify lamdas, mongo atlast functions, all of whom provide email support and have a huge community support platform.

thank you webtask, you were good and are still great, but we wish you had a paid tier and better support, it kinda making us move away from the entire auth0 product range.