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[object Object] output on error page


At the login screen I selected Google account, then picked my Google account. The page loaded some and then prompted for my Google account again, then I picked it again. This isn’t abnormal for me, it always asks twice and then works. After the 2nd time though, I got a “something went wrong” page. The error message is a toString of an object though so it doesn’t say anything.

Anyway, took a screenshot for you to see, plus the dev console that showed the actual error.

After I refreshed the page the editor loaded as usual.


Hi @issmichnicht

Can you take a look at this thread for some standard troubleshooting steps for this issue.


I am actually able to log in. I have only once gotten the error screen and it was resolved by refreshing the page. My intention for this post was to point out that your error page has a bug, it says [object Object] where the error message would go, unless you intentionally output [object Object] in that area.