Lost all my webtasks


Today when I logged into Webtask using Github, my account was blank and all tasks missing. I’ve logged in using the same Github account/credentials since I began using Webtask a couple of months ago. The tasks themselves are still available at their endpoints, so they haven’t been deleted… just no longer linked to my account for some reason.

I believe the reason might be that I recently changed my default email on Github. But I left the original email as a valid login and I am still using that same original email when I log into Webtask. Of course the user id is also the same. I guess you must be tying accounts to the github default email instead of the GH ID which is much more of a constant.

Can you please link the old tasks back to my account? I’d be happy to PM any personal details needed.



So Webtask provides no support, even for an obviously big bug like this? I appreciate the service and all but with no way to contact you, absolutely zero support even on the forum it makes me think that you don’t care about this product.

From the looks of things (no support, no new social media actively since July 2018 for example) my guess is you must be getting close to shutting the service down. Word to the wise to anyone considering using this…


There is no support for a service that is free and has been outlined for development use only. For production uses you are better off moving to other faas. (google cloud functions, aws lambda, azure, alibabacloud etc)

That being said, you may try using another browser, try clearing your cache. Are you sure you logged in with github instead of another ID? If you changed your github login, try changing it back maybe… It is best to copy and backup all your code on webtasks if you are using them for anything serious.

Yes this product might be shut down soon for developers, but it is indeed actively used for auth0 their paid services.


Thanks for the reply I suppose but I’m not sure what you’re talking about. There are many free services with support. For one thing, you’ve heard of the freemium model right? In the case of Webtask, it was apparently designed to funnel interest towards auth0 and probably as a trial step into serverless to see if it were a direction worth pursuing. Even if you offer something for totally free (not even upsells), you’d be wise to at least offer basic basic support if you don’t want to risk tarnishing your brand. Better to do something right or don’t do it at all mamma always said. That’s why our hunch about days being numbered is probably right.

As far as trying and different browser and cache, yep tried all of that. The problem is they must be tying the primary email instead of the user ID to the webtask account (at least for Github auths). Sucks for me, because it means I lost access to a half dozen tasks. Won’t be using this anymore, and a shame because I really like Webtask for its simplicity and certain use cases (and yes they are development). Just having a bit of persistent storage for one and the piece of mind of not having your credit card subjected to a zillion hidden/unexpected charges. One request/second… perfect model for the use case.