Cant get scheduler to work on time


Im trying to set up a cron that hits a webhook on netlify that runs a deploy every 15 minutes. However, it runs once then not again for almost an hour and a half. Why is this?
this is what I get when I run wt cron ls:
Name: nb-deploy-hook
State: active
Container: wt-0180ac15f7f4ae33c17bd92f0a6d9a72-0
Schedule: */15 * * * *
Timezone: US/Central
Last result: error
Last run: 03/09/2019 3:35:42 PM CST
Next run: 03/09/2019 4:59:43 PM CST


Just a public service announcement: i would not use Webtask if I were you. I literally lost all of my Webtasks with no recourse, just because I changed my email on my Github account. There is no support here or anywhere for any problems you encounter, large or small. They don’t obviously don’t care at this point.

That said, the scheduler’s seemed ok at least for me (I had an event running every 1.5 days, and verified it in the logs).

FYI, I switched to and the version 2 (lambdas) is pretty great. You don’t get the nice web interface that you get with Webtask, and I’m not sure if they’ve implemented a cron yet… but you get significantly more from their free tier and like WT no credit card needed.


Thanks for the response. I’ll look into for future use. I did end up removing my stuff from WT and created a Lambda function using AWS Cloud Watch to handle the scheduling. It’s working flawlessly.


That’s what I use as well for anything serious, but for personal tinkering/development at 4am stuff I prefer something where I can sleep at night knowing they have my credit card. I once ran up a pretty large S3 bill just because some OS package I was using was sending out millions of api calls to list a few small buckets.