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Async/Await Not Working in Webtask Editor



I’m building a Webtask using the Editor with Node 8, and I’m having trouble getting async/await to run properly. (I’m including “use latest” at the top of my webtask)

I’m getting a "regeneratorRuntime is not defined" error when I run my webtask. I did some research and found this open topic regarding the same issue using the wt-cli.

What’s the deal here? I thought async/await had built-in support since Node 7.6?

Am I missing something?

Note: This topic was migrated from the Auth0 Community.


Can you try not using “use latest” to see if that works? There may be an issue related to our babel config / It may not support async/await currently.


Removing “use latest” worked, and I’m no longer getting an error.


Great. I am glad to hear that worked!